Dell Half Day Messenger & Backpack Videos
The first of nine stop-motion style demos for the Dell Half Day and Dell Energy lines of laptop bags, cases, and sleeves. The nine videos had to be released in time for Black Friday (and Cyber Monday) shopping in 2011. The client wanted to stick with their traditional corporate style for this series of videos with a black and chrome brushed metal bar at the top.
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Dell Half Day Messenger (Unreleased)
This was my  original concept for the Dell Half Day Collection videos. While unreleased (and unrefined), I was happy with the edgy, upbeat, and faster-paced style of this version. I was pushing to only use their logo color blue and white for the color scheme, and have the screen be divided in two for the duration of the presentation to suggest the idea of "half" for the "Half Day" sub-brand collection.
Screenshot Gallery
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