Row Alley Re-Envisioned
This alleyway leads to the rear entrance of a HomeState restaurant. Kettles's Nursery is the gated-off area to the left in the original photo, which is a property slated for redevelopment in the near future. My goal was to see better lighting and create a safer walking and driving experience through the alley, since this alley is never lit up at night and many HomeState patrons that park on the street use this alley to get to the restaurant. I also made suggestions of restaurant-type uses for the Kettle's Nursery property redevelopment site. For these potential restaurant uses, I made a focus on inviting back patio entrances and parking areas that fluently connect to the alley and that are also well lit. The Kettle's Nursery site is part of a larger redevelopment and revitalization target area, and some of the open space around this site could also focus on the arts and outdoor market-type uses.
Original photo of of Row Alley.
After's Ice Cream Repurposing Concept
I love Afters Ice Cream. So when tackling an idea concept to repurpose an old Googie-style  Foster's Freeze Ice Cream stand – that has since spent much of its life as storage for Kettle's Nursery – back into an ice cream stand, Afters Ice Cream was the first hip place that came to mind. I researched and borrowed design pieces from other Afters Ice Cream locations to create this concept.

Original photo of old Foster's Freeze building, part of Kettle's Nursery property.
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