Remote Setup Commercial
At Arecont Vision, I had the chance to work on a few videos that were used for trade shows and social media. Once of my favorite projects, the Remote Setup commercial, came together the quickest under a trade show deadline. The best way to show the remote camera sensors moving was to show video of it doing so – with a little epic music and dramatic effects added in of course. I directed a videographer for the footage, and then cut the footage and created the video in Final Cut Pro. 
Screenshot Gallery
Vertical Solutions Videos
Showing the footage from these megapixel surveillance cameras was even more important than showing the camera itself, so a number of videos were put together to show off the frames rates, features, and high-detail definition of the cameras.
Contera Series IP Megapixel Cameras - Train Station Example
Contera Series IP Megapixel Cameras - Commercial Garage Example
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