This project required website and branding design for Airing, a manufacturer of Bluetooth wireless speakers that once was a subdivision brand of Unistrong Inc. The target audience was teenagers and young adults, and client wanted to get the message across that their speakers were powerful with great quality sound that you could "rock out to". The look and feel I created for the website was later carried over into the product packaging design by the manufacturer.
Interactive Product Tour Section
The Product Tour page underwent a number of iterations before landing on the below concept. The idea was to show various uses/scenarios for Bluetooth wireless speakers around a household. Originally, all of the products were in the living room scene, but the client wanted a kitchen scenario as well to better demonstrate their LED/speaker combo product. For interactive purposes, I added a "moving-through-the-wall" transition. Clicking on the red "+" next to each product brings up a callout box with information for the product and the option to visit the corresponding product detail page.  The specific speaker also plays music until the user clicks the "+" again to turn it off.
Vertical Detail Page Examples
Most main pages throughout the site, such as the Product Detail page style and Technology page design seen below, are structured in the "vertical" page format that continued to become popular around this time. The tabbed area on the Product Detail page where "Gallery" is seen activated, is collapsable, and is collapsed by default. 
Elements of the branding splash graphics, which are intended to be a visual/physical representation of rock music, come into play in almost every graphic to keep things fun and visually unified.
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